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The Swainswick 51 Challenge!

Having clarified last year, with your support, our Vision and Values Statement, this year, we will be further developing our School Curriculum.

Again, we would love your assistance. In addition to the National Curriculum, which focuses on the numerous subjects that are taught in school, we intend to further develop our Swainswick Curriculum. We are asking questions such as: Other than the National Curriculum, what do we want our children to experience, in order for them to grow and be the ‘best they can’ whilst they are at Swainswick Primary School?

Currently, we are exploring various experiences which include: The Swainswick 51 Challenge, Parent Career Assemblies, the Junior Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Global Citizenship Award and regular Enrichment Days.

The Swainswick 51 Challenge

Here, we would like to create a list of 51 possible experiences/challenges that we would like to encourage every child in our school community to complete. We will be finalizing the challenge list at the end of term 1. Thank you for all your suggestions so far which include:

  • First aid training,

  • Research, write and perform a speech,

  • Become a member of a library,

  • Conquer a challenging hill/mountain,

  • Teach to a group of younger pupils the importance of looking after environment,

  • Understand and teach fire safety to a younger child,

  • Exhibiting or perform a piece of art/music,

  • Research and participate in a local community issue,

  • Research and participate in a global issue or charity,

  • Grow and care for a plant,

  • Cook and serve a simple meal,

  • Independently tie a shoe lace,

  • Involvement with the local community,

  • Mentor/buddy a younger child,

  • Book tickets on the internet,

  • Perform in a talent show,

  • Create own family tree,

  • Understand and participate in a democratic vote,

  • Monitor the waste you produce and make a plan to reduce, reuse and recycle it,

  • Try being a vegetarian

  • Use public transport

  • Go plastic free

  • Polish shoes

  • Identify World Flags

  • Learn some different Knots

  • See a play at the Egg Theatre

  • Collect apples, blackberries and turn them into food/drink

  • Enter a story competition

  • Participate in sports tournaments,

  • Complete domestic chores such as washing up,

  • Pitch a tent and sleep in it,

  • A Presentation relating to human rights,

  • Exhibit a photography project,

  • Boil an egg,

  • Light a fire,

  • Follow instructions to successfully build something,

  • Participate in mindfulness activities such as meditation & yoga

  • Follow a simple recipe,

  • Present a science investigation at a science fair,

  • Work experience as a waiter/waitress

  • Make your own bed every morning,

  • Make a telephone reservation,

  • Create a map/route for a trip,

  • Work as a team to write and perform a Year 6 Leavers Service,

  • Paddle a canoe,

  • Care for and tend an area of the school grounds or home garden,

  • Independently buy an item from a shop,

  • Ride a bicycle,

  • Raise money for a charity, etc

  • Find your way on an OS map

  • Write to a pen-friend for a year

  • Identify trees and birds

  • Learn some sign language

  • Plant a tree

  • Mend an item of clothing

  • Write to your MP about something to benefit the community

  • Help a neighbour

Please continue to discuss this with you children and families and keep adding to the list!

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