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Welcome to Forest School

Apple and Hazel Class

Once a fortnight on a Friday afternoon, throughout the seasons, the children in Apple and Hazel Class enjoy Forest Fun.This gives them the opportunity to spend time together in the picturesque school grounds and some beautiful local woodland, learning more about themselves, each other and the outdoor world.


At Forest School, the children can participate in and create a wide range of activities including whittling, role play, den building, arts and crafts with natural materials, bug hunting, animal tracking and toasting food over a fire.


The children really embrace the opportunity to explore their natural environment through all their senses, to play both independently and in groups and to lead and create their own activities.


“Children have their own pace. We need to be mindful of the need young children have to take their time. Pausing to listen to an aeroplane in the sky, or stooping to watch a ladybird on a plant- children have their own agendas and timescales, as they find out more about their world and their place in it”. Says, Sally Jenkinson, author of: The Genius of Play Celebrating the Spirit of Childhood.

Oak Class:

Once a fortnight on a Friday afternoon, the children of Oak Class enjoy outdoor learning, led by our experienced Forest School practitioner Mr. Rouse and the Oak Class teacher Mrs Coleman.

This allows the children to extend their learning in to the outdoors, taking full advantage of our rural setting, and the local woodland.

Of course, using our amazing environment to inspire the children and getting them active outside does not stop at the end of the Friday session and our teachers look for creative ways to include this throughout the week.

Below are some of the things the children say about Forest School:

“It’s really fun outside because you get to play and stuff… we like finding out new games and creating new things…!”


“It’s good because we get to make poison cakes and mud pies!”


“We get to do lots of things with wood and stuff!”


“I like climbing the tree!”


“I like being outdoors because you get to hear lots of noises of animals”


 What the teaching staff say about Forest School: 


“This is a great time for the children to explore friendships , it caters for everyone’s needs…you slow down and your relationships with the children change as they let you into their world.”


“You can step back and absolutely see what fascinates them. They get the time to explore what they really want to explore!”

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