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What is the role of the Swainswick Church School Ethos Council?

The Ethos Council plays a very important role:

  • It works as a moral and spiritual compass, guiding the children, staff and school in the right direction. 

  • They make decisions that help us build the holistic needs of the school and on a day to day basis help to support people around them.

What topics does the Swainswick Ethos Council discuss:

  • Keeping Everyone  Safe

  • Behaviour

  • Assemblies

  • Class Worship

  • Collective Worship 

  • British Values

  • Reflection Garden

  • Class Reflection Corners 

  • Fun for All

  • Raise money for a charity 

  • The children's School Values Award 

Minutes from Ethos Council Meetings:

Academic Year 2021/22

Student Paper Writing
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