School Day​

8:30 am -  School Gates Open

Please make sure that your children are not left unattended outside the school premises before this time as we cannot accept responsibility for them.

9.00 am -  Start of the school day


10.30 to 10.45am -  Morning break.

12.00 to 1.10pm -  Lunch break

2.30 to 2.45pm -  Afternoon break for the infants

3:15pm -  End of the School Day for Apple Class

Please collect children from Apple Class


3:30pm -  End of the School Day for Hazel Class and Oak Class 

Please collect Hazel class children from class.


“She has really benefited from the different ages mixing, she often talks of the older children.

We feel all the staff know her, which is so special.” 

—  Name, Title