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Swainswick Primary Return with a SPLASH!

Last week the children returned back to Swainswick Primary school with a very large splash! Arriving at the school gate, pupils were bemused to find headteacher Mr Swarbrooke and all the teachers dressed in wetsuits and flippers. As the sound of calling whales could be heard around the school, the excited pupils were amazed to discover a 15ft Blue Whale hanging from the ceiling.

The children’s curiosity began when the school contacted families at the end of the summer holidays requesting the children to bring in boats, goggles and snorkels as there had been strange developments at the school over the break, and that we needed to investigate. ‘I could n’t believe it when we heard these strange sounds and then saw a huge whale hanging from the ceiling – it’s so big’, described Lochan in year 3.

This exciting event is to introduce the school’s new topic – Under the Sea explained headteacher Grant Swarbrooke. ‘Throughout the year the children work very hard and have had brilliant results. It’s therefore of paramount importance that we continue to engage and inspire the children whilst having lots of fun!’

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