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School Council Meeting - 25.9.18

The school council had a very successful meeting last week. The full minutes can be viewed on the 'Pupil Voice' page.

Items discussed:

- What do you all think of the new play equipment on side grass?

Everyone thought that side grass was now a fanastic place to play after the recent changes. There is concern though about some of the children digging on side grass. It has been noticed that holes are starting to appear in random places. As a result, in order to decide on the appropriate digging areas, the School Council would like to discuss this at their next presentation.

· Do you have enough tools for the mud kitchen and digging?

The children would like some more digging tools for the ‘miners’. Also the children would like some more chalks for the menu board in the mud kitchen. It was also agreed that the soil is too hard to dig and play with at the moment because the ground is so dry. Therefore they would like to explore possibilities regarding access to water on side grass?

At the next meeting the children will draft a letter to St Saviour's Junior School - asking them about their mud kitchen and interesting water supply.

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