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Swainswick Beekeepers Return with a Buzzzzz!

Swainswick was buzzing this morning as the children returned to school after the long summer holidays. It was absolutely lovely to see all the families with their beaming smiles!

As you are aware, every year at Swainswick, we have a different animal focus. Last year the children enjoyed working with the 'Dolphin and Whale Conservation'. This year,we are excited to announce that we have established a link with the 'Bath Bees Association'. This is due to last summer's exciting event, where a colony of bees decided to take up residency in our old Ash tree in the school grounds. This being a wonderful opportunity to learn about these fascinating insects, we have decided to make them our over-arching animal project.

To launch the topic, a week of arts activities - relating to honey bees was enjoyed by all the children. In addition, beekeeper Louie, from the Bath Bees Association gave a fascinating assembly on these magnificent insects. Louie will be visiting the school regularly to inspire and teach the children as we learn all about the bees. The more we learn, the more questions we will have!

We are hoping to establish an after-school bee keeping club.Watch this space as it's beginning to buzz!

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