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Exciting Side Grass Development

We are excited to announce that the generosity of Ben, Joyce and the Diocese in allowing the school to have a section of the rectory garden gives a wonderful opportunity to extend the facilities for play and outdoor learning.

Last year the children had an opportunity to design and make scaled models of their ideas which have contributed to the plans. We would welcome your thoughts and ideas regarding the project.

This new outside area will be built and funded in phases. The initial phases of landscaping and pathways will begin in the next few weeks.

Currently the school has secured considerable funds from various sources including ‘Friends’. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ‘Friends’ and you as parents for your generosity and enthusiasm. This week we are meeting with ‘Friends’ in order to plan ahead for this exciting vision.

Details of the plan so far, although may change (ideas welcome) include a boat feature, Giant Jenga, a nest rope swing, a log scramble, a tyre climb, a turf maze, a reading/buddy shelter and the castle climbing frame.

As part of this exciting vision the school is also designing an outside classroom and bike shelter. This will be in the ‘Fleur de Lea’ area. Details are currently being finalised and will be provided at a later date.

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