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Walking Wednesdays with Olly & Carolione


Olly & Caroline (Kit's Parents - Year 1) are now operating a Walking Bus after school on Wednesday afternoons.

They will be picking children up from Swainswick at 3.30 & accompanying them to Larkhall Square, from where they can be collected at 4.15.

The route has been risk assessed & all children will wear high-visibility tabards & hold onto a safety rope.

The bus is completely free & available on an ad-hoc basis. Please contact Olly or Caroline by Wednesday lunch-time each week to give your consent & contact details.

Why? We are really keen for our children to lead the way on the green agenda & showcase positive solutions for the Climate Emergency.

It also means a later pick-up time, closer to home!

All children are welcome to use the bus - although reception children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian the first time they come to be sure they are happy walking the distance. A few Year 1 children have already done the walk with Kit in the last few weeks & everyone was surprisingly adept!

If anybody would like to volunteer to run the bus another day of the week, please speak to Olly or Caroline.

Thank you.


“She has really benefited from the different ages mixing, she often talks of the older children.

We feel all the staff know her, which is so special.” 

—  Name, Title