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Hear our voice - Wipe out whiteboards! By the School Council

As you know, our ongoing discussions this year have led us to thinking more about pollution and all the plastic in the ocean. One way we believe we could help, is using less wipe board pens - since we use an estimation of about 300 white board pens a year! That's just our small school. This is too much! Imagine how much waste we could save if everybody joined us with this project to help the environment.

If we don't use white board pens - then what are we going to write on in lessons. Well, we have considered using clip boards, paper and pencils instead. We believe this will be more eco friendly and we will also save money because the paper will be from the recycle bin. 

We would like to introduce our Poll of the Month. Please tell us what you believe is right. Make your vote heard. The voting box will be positioned outside Mr Swarbrooke's office.

What do you think?

Clip Boards, Paper and Pencils 


White Boards and white Board Pens 


By the School Council 

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