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Delightful digestion!

This morning Hazel class investigated the digestive system!

We created our very own digestive system using:

- one freezer bag

- one slice of bread

- one banana,

- one cup of water

- one pair of tights (with the toes cut off)

- a glass of orange juice

The children cut the bread and banana into small pieces and dipped them in water (taking the place of teeth and saliva), before pouring the mixture into a freezer bag with the orange juice (stomach acid). This replicated the stomach, and the children mashed the contents of the bag together. They then cut a hole in the corner of the bag and poured the mixture into the tights (small intestines). Any liquid that escaped represented the nutrients that are absorbed by the body. Any remaining mixture dropped out of the tights and into a cup, showing the end of the digestive system. Well done Hazel Class!

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