Our school mission statement:

Swainswick Primary School provides a safe and secure environment, in which our happy and confident children are nurtured and valued as unique individuals.


Our children learn to become resilient, self-assured and respectful of all, thriving on the high expectations of behaviour and learning which are evident across the school.


Our values-based curriculum nurtures curiosity and creativity by inspiring, engaging and challenging the children.


Our children take responsibility for their learning and work in partnership with their parents and the school.


They are equipped with the skills to reflect upon themselves as learners, and to become resourceful young people ready to make a positive contribution to their local community and the wider world.


Our school aims

These are the general aims and philosophy of Swainswick Primary School. The list is not written in any order of sequence or priority.

  • Create a happy and stimulating environment in which all children develop a positive and independent attitude to learning.

  • Maintain the highest standards by successfully meeting individual children’s needs and by supporting the professional development of all adults.

  • Create a sense of belonging to the school and the wider community with a respect for the environment and developing a sense of trust and care.

  • Promote our school code SCARF –  safety, caring, achievement, resilience and friendship, 

  • Promote a growth mindset attitude that enables children and adults to enjoy challenges and understand that making mistakes means we are learning,

  • Promote effective relationships between everyone, including staff, pupils, governors, parents and the wider community so that we can encourage each other, enjoying and excelling together in all aspects of school life.

  • Ensure pupils’ personal development is catered for which will help them to be safe and to go on and lead safe, secure and healthy lifestyles in a rapidly developing world.

  • Encourage staff and pupils to become creative thinkers with enquiring minds that will help them face new challenges and situations with increased confidence.

  • Offer the highest quality teaching and learning opportunities within an innovative and stimulating environment.

  • Nurture, develop and inspire the whole child and enable them to experiment, take risks, face challenges and make informed choices whilst at school and in their later life.

  • Prepare children for the challenges as a 21st Century citizen in Modern Britain, respecting and showing understanding of others for all that is similar and different.

3 Year Strategy - Swainswick's Journey to 2020

In 2017, Swainswick's Governing Body and the School developed our three year strategy, it consists of:

  • Swainswick’s Journey to 2020 -

    • this plan provides the overarching aims which will guide this journey and highlights what success would like look in 2020 if we achieve these ambitions.

  • What is life at Swainswick School like in 2020?

    • This page brings the plan to life, and gives a sense of what this will really mean to all members of the Swainswick community, in 2020


Why do we need to have a plan for the Swainswick Journey to 2020?

This plan lays out our ambitions for Swainswick, so that all members of our community can understand the way Swainswick’s journey will evolve over the next few years.

Capturing and documenting our vision of Swainswick in 2020, and the plan to achieve this, will enable us to safeguard Swainswick’s distinctiveness in the face of the changing educational environment.

In the coming years, we will need to make decisions about academisation and what is the best path for Swainswick’s children. This plan will help to guide these decisions, and provide a test against which any decision can be evaluated.


How does the “Swainswick Journey to 2020” impact the school?

The “Swainswick Journey to 2020”will guide decision making in the school.

It will be used to prioritise initiatives, and areas of focus for each academic year, supporting us in deciding how the school’s increasingly tight finances are spent in the best interests of all our children. The School and Governing Body will annually reflect upon our practice and re-visit the plan to consider how well we are progressing along this journey.

Download Swainswick's Journey to 2020 here.

How did we articulate our Vision

We often found ourselves describing Swainswick’s unique culture, to prospective parents, our LA and Diocese partners, and other visitors to the school. Each time we needed to find the right set of words and descriptions to capture what happens here at Swainswick.


We felt that amongst our community there was already a strong shared vision of what makes Swainswick special, so we turned to our community to help us articulate it. This was intentionally not an attempt to change our distinctive culture - more to capture it in words so we can continue to strengthen and safeguard it. 

We were overwhelmed by the touching and thoughtful feedback we received, and how closely our community were aligned around a shared vision of what makes Swainswick unique.

All the responses we received from parents, staff, and children is represented in this star - please click on the star to take a closer look at how our community describes us.


“She has really benefited from the different ages mixing, she often talks of the older children.

We feel all the staff know her, which is so special.” 

—  Name, Title