Public Consultation on Swainswick's conversion to an academy within the Bath Hub of the Bath & Wells Multi-Academy Trust (BWMAT)

​Swainswick Governing Body (FGB) made the decision in September 2018 to apply to convert to an academy within the Bath Hub of the Bath & Wells Multi-Academy Trust.  Since that time we have corresponded with parents regarding this decision and the process.

We formally consulting stakeholders on the "intention to convert to an Academy and join the Bath Hub of the Bath and Wells Multi-Academy Trust", with 2 public consultation meetings held in September. 


FGB discussed the thoughts, concerns and any additional information raised from the consultation, and formally agreed to convert to an academy.


Swainswick CofE Primary School will convert to an academy on 1st Nov 2019, with a change of name to Swainswick Church School. 

Full documentation for this processes located here (including minutes from the public consultation meetings) with paper copies available from the office on request.


  • FAQs to support public consultation - last updated 13/09/2019

  • We have drawn up the following list of questions specific to Swainswick and the BWMAT, and will add to this list as new questions emerge during the consultation process

  • This has been organised in to the following topics:

    • What is a Multi-Academy Trust and why did the Governing Body decide to convert to an academy  

    • Impact on pupils and parents from the conversion to an academy

    • The Bath & Wells MAT

    • The conversion process

    • Academy Conversion Consultation and Decision-Making

    • Governance and Accountability in a MAT

Previous Correspondence relating to academy conversion: